eSports Betting on Melbet: Exploring the Virtual Betting Scene

eSports Betting on Melbet: Exploring the Virtual Betting Scene

Cybersports, which you can bet on in Pakistan at Melbet, are competitive computer games. This trend was born several decades ago. Today, eSports is as popular as ordinary sports disciplines and has a huge number of fans all over the world.

Which games you can bet on at Melbet

The history of eSports began at the turn of the first and second millennia. At that time, fans of computer games played against each other on consoles or arcade machines. Subsequently, localised competitions began to be held in computer clubs. Today, many video games are organised serious championships. To watch them offline come millions of fans. In addition, you can watch video broadcasts on YouTube, Twitch, and Melbet Pakistan.

Melbet offers bettors the opportunity not only to watch cyber sports matches, but also to bet on them. Especially popular in Pakistan are shooting games, such as Counter-Strike. In such games, the competition takes place on a map and involves the use of different weapons and equipment.

More bettors often bet on battle royale games. In such games, the eSports athlete/team that survives the longest wins. Fortnite is particularly popular.

Melbet betting is also often committed to MOBA games. The main goal in such video games is to destroy the opponent’s base. Among the most famous games we can mention Dota 2, League of Legends. Fighting games that simulate fights between real or fictional characters, such as Street Fighter 5, are also popular.

You can also bet on simulcast sports at Melbet. For example:

  • FIFA;
  • NBA;
  • NHL.

Betting on strategic video games is also available. Users can predict outcomes in Starcraft 2, Warcraft 3.

eSports betting options

eSports Betting on Melbet: Exploring the Virtual Betting Scene

Once the user in Melbet login, he will have access not only to a multitude of eSports disciplines and matches, but also to a wide range of rosters. The latter encapsulate a large number of marquees.

Outright betting

Such bets refer to long-term predictions. The bettor needs to predict which cyber athlete/team will win the championship. These bets are very large, so outright predictions are high risk. Betting on the favourites has reduced quotes.

Large prizes bettors can get quotes from weak participants. However, bets on outsiders do not win very often. The best option is to bet on a strong eSports athlete/team before the tournament starts. In this case, the quotes will be higher than after the start of the competition.

Betting on the result of a particular competition

Such bets in Melbet online are similar to long-term bets, but they involve predicting the outcome of a specific match rather than the whole tournament, with lower odds. For example, the odds on the victory of a strong participant in the competition will rarely be more than 2, while in the case of outrights they can exceed 6. The user can bet on:

  • The first contestant wins;
  • Winning the second contestant;
  • A draw.

It should be borne in mind that in elimination contests you cannot bet on a draw.

Handicap betting

The eSports disciplines, as well as ordinary sports, are subject to the problem of small quotes. For example, when playing a favourite and an outsider, bets on the former will have small odds, while no one will bet on the weaker participant. As a result, the competition becomes unpopular among users. For this reason, Melbet cricket, other sports and cyber sports offer handicap betting.

Such handicaps provide a conditional equalisation of the chances of the participants by giving an advantage to the weaker player/team. Such handicaps are marked with a plus symbol. In addition, there is a negative handicap for a strong competitor, marked with a minus symbol. A handicap can be expressed, for example, as a number of points. In fact, a handicap makes the victory conditions tougher for the stronger competitor.

A handicap can be expressed as a whole value – this is called a soft handicap. A hard handicap is expressed as a fraction. It should be borne in mind that in some eSports disciplines, such as Dota 2, Counter-Strike, the competition is up to 2 wins. For this reason, they usually use a hard handicap of -1.5, +1.5.


Once you have funded your account and received a Melbet bonus, you can place bets on several markets at the same time. The total odds of a spread are equal to the product of all the quotes included in the bet. This allows bettors to receive huge payouts. However, in order for the express to win, each of the outcomes in the bet must be correctly predicted. If at least 1 prediction is wrong, the bet will lose.

eSports Markets at Melbet

Those at Melbet login Pakistan can place cyber sports bets on both classic and specific markets. Classic markets include the following markets:

  • Winner of the contest;
  • Total over/under;
  • Handicap;
  • Final score;
  • Team/athlete statistics.

Specific markets, which you can learn more about after studying the Melbet review, include betting on the number of cards. The bettor can predict how many total cards the contestants will play. Other specific markets are specific to particular video games. For example, in MOBA games, you can predict which team will be the first to kill the opponent’s hero. In Counter-Strike, it is possible to predict which team will win the pistol round.

Open the platform and sign up, then deposit your balance to get the opportunity to make different eSports bets in Pakistan, win big and utilise different bonuses. If you want to take a break from betting on cyber sports, just go to Melbet casino, which provides a range with thousands of different gambling games.