Top Tips on Cricket Betting

Top Tips on Cricket Betting

Betting is not only a fun way to spend your time but it also gives you a chance to make some money. Today’s gaming industry is quite broad. Almost everyone will find something interesting and compelling in it. Most people enjoy predicting outcomes of significant sports events and wagering on them. Nevertheless, not all types of sports have the same degree of popularity in every country. While football for instance is widely spread all over the world, cricket is mostly popular in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. In these countries, people have great fun not only watching the game but also gambling. 

But why is cricket so famous in India? To answer the question we must go back to the history of India, particularly the period of colonization. The game was created in the 18th century in the south of England. It was used by British imperial power as a symbol of racial and social superiority. They didn’t popularize the game to the public. The game of cricket meant British racial equality for the colonized. Success in cricket has become an indicator of racial equality and political development.

Nowadays, most Indians are just fans of cricket betting and the first sport type they usually search for in an online casino is the section of cricket. But before making a bet one should definitely know the most popular tournaments, rules and regulations of the sport, and of course types of bets. All the answers to these questions you will find in this article. 

Famous Cricket Tournaments Worth Betting on

The geography of popular competitions is mainly limited to the British Commonwealth. The national championships are usually held in the following countries. 

  • England;
  • Australia;
  • India;
  • Pakistan;
  • Canada, etc.

Recently, cricket is gaining popularity in the Arab countries of the Persian Gulf as well. The key international tournaments are the Cup and the World Championship, which are held among men’s and women’s teams. Cup competitions are held annually.

The most prestigious event is the World Championship held every four years like football. 

In addition to these tournaments, the Indian Premier League (IPL) is also worth mentioning. It is an Indian men’s T20 franchise cricket league. The game is competed yearly by 10 teams from seven Indian cities and three Indian states. It generally takes place from March to May across India. Every Indian is waiting for this prominent event with great anticipation. 

Rules and Regulations You Must Know Before Betting on Cricket

Cricket is one of those sports that uses a mace and a ball. It is played between 2 competing teams of 11 players each. The game is played on an oval grass field, in the center of which there is a rectangular pitch, with wickets at the ends.

A coin is tossed before the game begins. The captain of the team who guessed the right side gets the chance to choose which playing position his team will play at the beginning of the game.

There are 2 main playing positions in cricket. the bowler (attacker) who throws the ball and the batsman (defender) who bounces the ball. Depending on the playing position of the team in the given round, the latter’s goal is determined.

If the team is in the attacking position, then the goal of the bowler of that team is to destroy the wickets defended by the batsman by throwing the ball, in which case the batsman defending the wickets will have to leave the field and be replaced by another teammate. Thus, the bowlers aim to remove 10 of the opponent’s batsmen from the game and prevent them from scoring a prescribed maximum number of runs.

A batsman in a fielding batsman attempts to bounce the ball with the bat so that it reaches the boundaries or flies far enough away from the opponents to allow him to run to the other side of the pitch, scoring 1 run. A run is considered complete if the batsman runs from his boundary (popping crease) to the opponent’s boundary and touches the ground with the bat or any part of the body. In addition to the mentioned situation, other options for collecting additional runs are also possible.

The winner of the tournament is the team with the highest number of runs.

Cricket can last from a few hours to a few days depending on the type of season.

Possible Outcomes and Types of Cricket Bets

Possible Outcomes and Types of Cricket Bets

Now, that you are aware of the main rules and regulations of the game, you can move on to the next part – possible outcomes of cricket and betting on it. 

The following possible outcomes can be recorded in cricket: victory, defeat, draw (two types are distinguished: draw and tie), and no result.

“Win or lose”

The game ends with the team winning which has the highest number of runs and the opposing side losing. In this case, it is an important condition that at the end of the game, the last team in the defensive position has completed its innings.


This result is recorded when both teams score an equal number of runs. Again, it is mandatory that both teams complete their innings for the given match before the scheduled end of the match. Such an outcome is rare in Test cricket. In the event of a draw in the limited overs format, a Super Over can be called according to a pre-determined order, in which the team with the maximum runs becomes the winner of the given match. If the Super Over also ends in a tie, the winner is the team that has scored the maximum number of 6 runs (sixes – 6 runs scored at once by the team’s batsman’s back ball) during the entire game.


This result is recorded in Test cricket when one of the teams does not manage to finish the innings before the scheduled end of the match.

“No result”

This is the result that can be recorded in Limited Overs format cricket when game is interrupted because of bad weather conditions.


This refers to the situation when a batsman leaves the game without scoring any runs.


Extras are runs, scored by a batting team which are not credited to any particular player. There are five types of extras: Wide, Bye, Leg Bye, No- ball and Penalty Run. 

“Run out”

This refers to a situation when a batsman is out when he fails to complete the run before the wicket is taken by the opposing team with the ball.

Types of bets

Types of cricket bets

Here we present the main and the most wide-spread cricket betting types which you must know before gambling. 


It is offered to predict which team will be the match winner. The following betting options are available: 

  • Win 1: victory of Team 1
  • Win 2: victory of Team 2 
  • X: the match ends in a draw 

“1st over: Runs Total”

This bet type  is placed on the predicted total number of runs in a given over. An option More or Fewer and an argument are offered.

“Highest 1st 6 Overs Score”

This  bet is made by predicting which team will collect more points during the first 6 overs. Suggested options are: Team 1 – the first team will make  more points during the first 6 overs than the second team, ‘Equal’ – both teams will make an equal number of 6-pointers, ‘Team 2’ – the second team will collect more points during the first 6 overs.

“One Player to Score 50 or More runs”

The bet is placed to predict whether one of the batsmen will score 50 or more during the match. The options are Yes and No.

“Super Over”

The bet is offered to predict whether there will be a Super Over in the match or not, with possible options of Yes and No respectively.

“X Inning: Team 1/Team 2 Dismissal Method – 2 Way (Caught/Not Caught)”

It is offered to predict the way the batsman will be dismissed from the mentioned inning. The following betting options are available:

  • Caught
  • Not Caught

Example 1:  

Let us review the following bet: 1st Inning Team 2 Dismissal Method – 2 Way (Not Caught). The bet will win if the batsman of the 2nd team is dismissed from the 1st inning in any way except the Caught.

Example 2:  

Let us review the following bet: 2nd Inning Team 1 Dismissal Method – 2 Way (Caught). The bet will win if the batsman of the 1st team is dismissed from the second inning in the way Caught.

“Most Run Outs”

The “Who will score more run-outs” bet offers to predict which team will score more run-outs with the following options: “Team 1”, “Equal”, “Team 2”.

“To win the toss”

This  bet with options “Team 1” and “Team 2” is offered to guess which team captain will correctly guess the side of the coin toss before the game and will have the opportunity to choose which playing position his team will play at the start of the game. 

In cricket, Total Over/Under bets are also offered for the total number of different game situations (Wides, Ducks, Run Outs).

Having all this information in your mind now you can just choose which online bookmaker, for example 1xBet, you would like to play in, pick the cricket event you are really keen on, and start wagering.