Basketball betting

Basketball betting

For fans of betting on sports, basketball is one of the most attractive species. This is due to a number of reasons:

  • Championships and tournaments are held all over the world and all year round (you can bet and win without seasonal interruptions);
  • Bookmakers offer a wide coverage of markets and attractive odds;
  • The specifics of the match and tournament confrontation allows you to use a wide range of strategies.

But betting on basketball, like betting on football, will bring good luck and financial gain only if you are well versed in it. Before figuring out the intricacies of how to do it, it is important to learn the rules of this team game and the specifics of the various leagues, tournaments. All these points have a decisive influence on the choice of a successful betting tactic and strategy.

The rules of basketball, important for successful betting

There is no point in going into the rules of the game in detail here, but it is important to emphasize the specific that allow you to make the most correct bets on basketball:

There are only 5 people on the court from each team

In this regard, it is important to know the form of the main players, especially the leaders. The collective result often depends on them.

Quarters and overtime

Each confrontation consists of at least 4 halves. This allows you to build advantageous betting tactics in each match. It is convenient to play in LIVE mode.

Different duration of quarters

It is important to know in which championships the quarter lasts 10, and in which – 12 minutes. This especially affects the totals.

Regular championships and elimination tournaments

Depending on the stage of the competition, the tournament motivation of each club is also determined. This must necessarily be taken into account when calculating how to bet on basketball.

Fouls and tense endings

The accumulation of infractions leads to free throws being awarded for any foul. Often this affects the result at the end of the game.

Knowing the peculiarities of how the professionals play basketball, online betting can be done with a high percentage of passability.

Which leagues are most often chosen by bettors for basketball betting

The most popular type of basketball betting is on NBA games. This is a tournament of professional teams representing different American cities. The popularity of the NBA is due to the perfect combination of sports and show components of each game. The best players in the world play here, thanks to which there is a huge number of fans of this league in many countries. Bookmakers take this into account, offering a wide spread and good odds on the NBA.

For beginners and professionals can be interesting and such leagues:

  • Nationals of different countries (knowing the specifics of the championship in your country or being a fan of a particular club, you may calculate with a high degree of success how to win on basketball betting);
  • European men’s and women’s leagues and cups (Euroleague, European and FIBA Cup, VTB United League and others);
  • Asian championships – China, South Korea, the Philippines (each has its own betting trends);
  • American University League NCAA (differs from the NBA in the greater difference in the skills of the teams – here there are often outright outsiders and favorites).

The choice of a suitable championship most often depends on the individual player’s preferences and awareness. 

How to choose a bookmaker for basketball betting

How to choose a bookmaker for basketball betting

Beginners very often face a difficult question, which bookmaker company to choose for basketball betting, as well as what you need to pay attention to the choice of the office. And this is undoubtedly a very important point for profit. When choosing a bookmaker, be sure to pay attention to:

  • The odds. For example, the margin of companies in basketball betting is usually 4-8%. The lower it is, the more profit you can make;
  • The line. Of course, in every bookmaker company you will find basketball betting. They try to follow the interests of the public, expanding the number of championships and matches;
  • The spreadsheet. It is not always necessary to bet on outcomes or totals to make a profit. Many people even specialize in small. And then you need to choose an office with a wider spread;
  • Bonuses. Sometimes it is important, as a customer of a bookmaker company, not just to play in it, but also to receive benefits;
  • Betting limits. Which are a particularly important aspect for large players;
  • Availability of a mobile application. For convenient and comfortable betting, including at night;
  • The speed of the line. Will allow you to catch interesting odds on the early line.

With this small list, you can easily choose the best bookmaker company for you.

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Basic types of basketball betting

Figuring out basketball you also need to know what you can bet on in a match, as well as what they mean. Necessary information about the main types:


The player here is betting on the winner of the game. In the abbreviation is denoted by the standard: P1, X, P2.


This is a bet that the selected team will win or draw in regulation time of the match. They are designated in the registry. 1X -1 will not lose, 2X -2nd team, 12 – one of the clubs win.


If the bet on the outcome is not very profitable due to the presence of an obvious favorite, you can improve the odds by using this type. Or with the help of handicaps improve the percentage of the outcome. This is done by using a minus handicap to the alleged winner or plus to the underdog.

Total more/minor

It is a bet on the number of points scored in a match. In the line it is denoted as: TB or TM. It can be total (the sum of points scored by 2 clubs), individual. Accordingly, depending on the value you choose and the outcome, the teams must either score more than this number or less. It is recommended to carefully study the rules of the bookmaker company where you bet. Most of them count handicaps and including overtime, others only count totals.

On quarters

Also, a player can bet on the outcome/for/total and so on in a specifically selected quarter.

Combination bets

In such predictions, the player, confident in the result can conclude the outcome on 2 completely extraneous events.


This type of bet has a fairly widespread selection on them. Here the player has to guess which team will score points first, etc. This bet is similar with handicaps, but here the bettor has to hit the exact range (for example, 1-5, 6-10, 11-15).

Two-point/three-point/penalty shots

Similar to betting on teams, a player can bet on which club will score more two-pointers or on the total/individual number of free throws in the game.

Long-term rates

Here the player can bet with the bookmaker on the winner of the championship. Or on which team will advance to the next playoff stage. Also, some bookmakers may offer bets where you are asked to guess how many games in the regular championship a club wins. Or whether a particular league record will be broken.

The choice is quite large, so each of you can easily find a suitable option for yourself.

Live basketball betting

Recall that at the same time on the court there are 5 people from each team, which for 10 minutes (in the NBA 12) in only one quarter trying to throw the ball in the ring. At the same time a continuous attack of one club is given only 24 seconds. That’s why basketball is a fast-paced sport that makes for quick changes in situations and unexpected tactical rotations. This also changes the odds quickly. For example, just in a minute the total can increase by 3-5 points or handicap on one of the teams will change by a few. The same applies to odds. Literally for a couple of minutes, quotes can increase or decrease, and therefore change the probability of a particular outcome. Therefore, in the first place, be sure to watch the broadcast. The picture will give you an idea of how the tempo of the game has changed, what tactics the coach gave at halftime and who is on the floor at the moment. And don’t forget to keep a cool head. With the rapidly changing odds you have to be quick, but remember that rushing without pragmatism will only lead to losses. Also, look at the statistics on the implementation of 2 and 3-point shots, and the basketball players who are currently on the court. After all, perhaps the coach at this point has decided to give his leaders a rest, which can significantly change the course of the game. For live betting, don’t forget to choose a bookmaker with a quality wide line, as well as high odds. 

How to analyze a basketball game

How to analyze a basketball game

Now let’s talk about what points to pay attention to when analyzing a basketball game. When you look at it, pay attention to:

Current tournament position

This will give an understanding of what the level of the team in the current season compared to their opponents, the current motivation.

History of face-to-face encounters

Look at the statistics of head-to-head encounters over the past few years. There’s no need to delve into encounters from 20 years ago, as they won’t provide any information.

Current form

Everyone has ups and downs, so it is important to understand the team’s current form. Examine how often the squad is getting ahead, how much it is scoring in games, and whether the leaders are in good shape.

Injury Lists

With the absence of their leaders due to injuries, even the giants can lose to newcomers.

Starting lineups and for the start of quarters

The coach can give rest to the basis for recovery. Analysis of this indicator will allow the player to understand how the course of the match for a particular period.

Tournament Calendar

A busy schedule affects the physical condition of players, which can affect the next game. Also, before an important upcoming meeting, the club may leave strength, playing not at full strength.

Home/away game stats for the current season

In every championship there are some clubs that are better at home. Some, on the contrary, look better on the road. We should not forget that there is still a lot of home officiating in basketball.

Team/player statistics

Look not only at the scoring stats. Also look at realization and defense from three-point attempts, team pace (number of attacks), efficiency, how often the goes to the free throw line and how often the opponent shoots in the game. 

There are a lot of analytical sites and social media chat rooms on the Internet. Of course you have to be careful with them too. It happens that such sites begin to speculate. Therefore, the best and safest option would be to figure it out in person.

Conclusion: who will be interesting and profitable betting on basketball

Basketball is a suitable sport for beginners and experienced bettors. Betting on this sport will be interesting:

  • People who are fond of watching games live, fans of specific clubs and championships;
  • Lovers of detailed mathematical calculations related to a wide betting line for certain indicators (totals, handicaps);
  • Bettors who are interested in trying out strategies that work on the distance;
  • Players who prefer to bet in play mode (here we offer a relatively wide range of interesting and understandable markets).

Not surprisingly, basketball attracts bettors around the world. Playing on bets on this sport can be both in pleasure and counting on a certain financial gain.