A guide on how to make money on sports betting

A guide on how to make money on sports betting

Sports betting in bookmakers has long been a source of income for many players. By making a bet with a bookmaker, you can get into a good plus over a long distance, but only on condition that the bettor knows how to bet correctly and understands betting, and sports and knows how to control the feeling of excitement.

Today, bookmakers offer a variety of betting options, extensive action lines, and all kinds of bonuses that are supposedly aimed at players, but not everything is so simple. In order to effectively and competently bet on sports, the bettor should be focused on the success of the bet and not on finding the highest quotes. Therefore, the most correct method of how to earn constantly on sports betting will be a single bet on the sports discipline in which the player is maximally oriented. Do not be afraid of low odds, it is better to win a bet a little than to lose a lot.

5 tips for beginner bettors

Beginners have the hardest time, because they do not fully understand the importance of the markets, do not know how to select the right sports events for betting, and do not have a specific strategy for effectively increasing the bank. Therefore, there is a base that every newly-born bettor must master, without it, you can not hope for a successful game at a distance. Basic betting tips on how to win on sports betting for beginners are as follows:

  1. It is better to start with a small bank, which is necessary not only for the first winnings but also for acquiring the first experience. Before making bets in a bookmaker for real money, it is better to practice on a demo account.
  2. Before making a bet with a bookmaker, for example with 1xBet, you need to carefully study the statistics of each of the teams and analyze the results of recent matches. In most cases, betting is a competent analysis. It is necessary to learn how to correctly analyze matches for betting. It will also be important to study the basic concepts and names in the bids.
  3. If you don’t understand sports, you need to fix it. Basic knowledge of the chosen sports discipline and thorough knowledge of the rules of the game are required. 
  4. Where to start? Choose a strategy for the game. It is impossible to say which one is the best, it is an individual question. None of the strategies can guarantee a profit, but most of them will help reduce risks and preserve the lion’s share of the bank.
  5. You should not chase too high odds and make up an express or a system, as well as choose too narrow markets. The probability that the “exact score” bet will play is significantly lower than betting on “total” or “handicap”. The bank’s slow but steady growth is already a plus.

There are no other clear instructions since each bettor prefers to earn using his own game tactics. Many nuances come only with experience, even professional betting analysts once wondered how to become a successful bettor.

How to choose an effective betting strategy

How to choose an effective betting strategy

In order to learn how to bet on sports effectively and win a bet on a regular basis, you need to choose a game strategy for yourself and constantly adhere to it. Here, beginners are presented with the main betting strategies that have managed to prove themselves in business. But the choice of tactics is a very individual process since each of them requires certain skills and personal qualities. For example, the most popular strategy among novice bettors is the Miller method, but it requires players to be patient.

At the heart of Miller’s strategy is just the same method of distributing the bank flat. This is the safest approach that allows you to correctly distribute the bank in bets, and multiply it over long distances. Miller offers a kind of management of funds, which consists of the following:

  • The amount of the initial bank is fixed.
  • The bettor starts betting with bets of 1-2% of this value.
  • When the bank can be increased by 25-30%, the bet size is increased to 2% of the current bankroll size.
  • With each increase in the starting bank by 25-30%, bets are made twice as much.

A slow start is better, the same as confident return on the distance. All that is required of the player is to learn how to bet on winning outcomes and withstand a long swing.

How to learn the distribution of money in bets and win

Proper distribution of bankroll is one of the basic principles of earning money on bets. The size of the bet should not be determined at random and change with each bet. There are two main distribution tactics – flat and fixed rate. The flat is a softer technique that is more suitable for beginners, it allows you to bet on sports from scratch with minimal risks.

Flat implies a rate of a certain percentage of the bank, this percentage may vary, but only slightly. The best choice for beginners is an academic flat. The size of the bet with this approach will be only 1-3% of the bank, while the bettor has the opportunity to manipulate the size of the bet, depending on the available quotes. This technique has several important advantages:

  • Reduces the risks of a sharp bank drain to almost zero.
  • The size of the bet is always proportional to the dynamics of the bank: the higher the size of the bank, the greater the amount of the bet is obtained at the same percentage value, and vice versa.
  • Due to the long distance, the training of the bettor takes place on a regular basis.
  • Allows you to reduce the size of the bet at the time of the temporary drawdown of the bank.

To make money over a long distance, it is necessary to constantly adhere to the methodology, and not from time to time. This is a smooth, non-aggressive bank allocation tactic that shows good results in the long-term game.

A beginner may be interested in descriptions of such aggressive techniques as a ladder and a Martingale (bettors often refer to the Martingale strategy as a catch-up) due to the large size of potential winnings. On the Internet, many scammers offer to teach these strategies for a lot of money. In some situations, they can also bring profit, but they are contraindicated for players without proper experience.

How to get to the professional level

How to get to the professional level of betting

The ability to analyze matches correctly and manage the bank competently comes to players with experience. The better the bettor understands the profile sports discipline, the higher his indicators will be. First, you can find free forecasts from the best analysts. It is also worth considering that sports betting is also a competent financial decision. To become a betting professional, you need to:

  • On the chosen strategy of the game.
  • Improve match analysis skills.
  • Always play with a cool head and do not give in to a sense of excitement.

It is quite easy to start making bets that will lead to a win, it is more difficult to consolidate the result and achieve constant profitability.