Information About Responsible Gaming At Betsson Brazil

Responsible Gaming is an informed approach to gambling that minimises the potential negative effects on the individual and society as a whole. Betsson Brasil is committed to promoting a safe and healthy approach to gambling, alerting users to the risks and giving them all the tools they need to protect themselves.

Key Principles Of Responsible Gaming

Let’s take a closer look at the rules and principles that responsible gaming encompasses. Here are the main points that should always be kept in mind:

  • Gambling should always be entertainment, not a way to make money for a living;
  • Allow yourself to lose as much as you are willing to consciously spend on this type of entertainment, without restricting yourself in important areas of life and without financial problems;
  • Gambling should be conducted in a fair environment where the legitimate activities of the platform (betting site, app) are monitored by independent authoritative commissions and the integrity of in-game payments and software providers can be verified;
  • Gambling should not lead to personal and social problems, e.g. debt, addiction, quarrels, loss of relationships;
  • A good gambling platform should be socially responsible and take various steps to minimise the negative consequences of gambling itself (support local organisations and promote responsible gambling practices).

Ensure that your gaming practice adheres to these principles. Then you will avoid negative consequences to enjoy all your gaming sessions to the fullest.

Also part of responsible gaming is choosing a quality gaming service provider that abides by all the rules on their part. Betsson belongs to just such companies. Here you will find not only full information about responsible gaming with appropriate warnings, but also flexible self-restriction tools (e.g. self-locking your account for a certain period of time) that you can use if you find yourself in trouble.

You should also be careful when visiting a betting site or downloading a mobile app. Go to a verified link Bettson from a reliable source and check the website link address. Download the installation apk file only from the official website, or official app shops. Builds from unverified sources may contain malicious code.

Possible Problems In Case Of Non-Compliance With The Rules Of Responsible Gaming

A morbid addiction to gambling has a separate name. It is gambling addiction or ludomania. Such addiction can have a serious negative impact on a person or society. Here are some of the possible consequences:

  • Financial problems, debts, bankruptcy, loss of assets, property, car, real estate;
  • Deterioration of relationships with family, friends and loved ones, loss of reputation and trust with co-workers;
  • Legal problems, up to and including breaking the law in order to get money for the game or to recover debts;
  • Deterioration of physical and mental health due to stress, worrying about debts, sleep disturbance, hours of continuous sessions;
  • Increased social problems such as increased crime, lower overall standard of living and wellbeing.

Gaming addiction can completely ruin a person’s life. But that doesn’t mean that gaming is so dangerous in itself. As in many other areas, it’s all about moderation and good judgement. Follow the principles of responsible gambling, and if you find problems, be sure to seek help or use self-restraint tools such as those offered by Betsson Brasil. It’s a good way to take a break, draw conclusions and change your attitude to the game.

What A Casino Should Do To Support Responsible Gaming

Reputable and safe gambling sites such as Betsson Brasil take specific measures to minimise the potential negative effects of gambling on the individual and society. For example, performs the following actions:

  • Implementing responsible gambling programmes, self-restriction and self-exclusion tools for the player so that everyone can voluntarily block themselves from gambling;
  • Quality training for staff to recognise signs of painful addiction in users in order to help or advise them accordingly;
  • Responsible advertising to avoid harmful effects on vulnerable groups, valuing gambling as a way to make money and promoting irresponsible risky betting;
  • Introducing barriers to underage access to gaming, careful age verification, verification of identity by documents;
  • Supporting and funding scientific research on gambling addiction, supporting anti-gambling funds, rehabilitation centres and other organisations.

Betsson takes full responsibility for the safety of its users and endeavours to combat the negative effects of gambling. Its set of measures is aimed at both individual players and the gambling community as a whole.

What Steps A Person Needs To Take To Practice Responsible Gambling

Now let’s look at what an individual himself can do to practice responsible gambling. Here are some important steps along the way:

  • Setting limits on time in play and money spent on betting per day, week month, based on one’s financial ability;
  • Seeking help if you have a serious problem and can’t stop (e.g. talking to a friend, family member, professional psychologist or Gamblers Anonymous type organisations can help);
  • Fully understand the risks and potential financial losses (you should only enter the game with the amount of money you are willing to spend), and recognise the potential for addiction to develop;
  • Self-searching for resources on responsible gambling, such as self-restraint programmes, training software for gaming platform staff, and specialised forums.

You should always be clear about your actions, analyse your mental and physical state, and keep a record of your financial expenditure. Responsible play at Betsson Brasil and competent approach to risks will protect you from negative influences of gambling, leaving only pleasant impressions of exciting entertainment.


Today, the major betting sites and apps in Brazil go out of their way to help players who may have addiction problems. All important warnings are given, and convenient self-restraint tools are offered. Choose a reliable platform like Betsson and play with pleasure. Sign up now and get a welcome Betsson bĂ´nus Brasil. Good luck and enjoy your game!