1xBet Android and iOS Application for Ivorian Punters

1xBet is one of the preferred Internet betting and gambling destinations for adult residents of the Ivory Coast. It is a renowned and respected brand that has been working in the industry for numerous years and provides services of the highest level. They are accessible to enjoy on both desktop and mobile gadgets. In the latter case, a mobile modification of the firm’s portal, as well as its free apps, are proposed for these purposes. 

In this author’s manual you will learn how to télécharger 1xBet APK for Android gadgets and how to fetch the iOS software modification. We’ll also explain the importance of updating the app to the latest version, and how to remove it if you need to. 

What You Can Expect from 1xBet App 

The 1xBet mobile client is a powerful tool for high-level staking and gambling that will always be with you wherever you are. You no longer need to rush home to switch on your PC or laptop to make a stake on a Champions League football match or the World Hockey Championship final. From now on, all the advantages of this great brand’s Sportsbook are at your fingertips. 

You will also be able to enjoy the complete compilation of amusements at 1xBet online casino. Game content from the industry’s leading developers is ideally optimized for the screens of various handheld gadgets. You don’t need to pump the titles to play them. All you need is an active private cabinet and money on the balance (these two conditions are mandatory to be able to make stakes too, don’t forget), as well as a high-level Internet connection. 

With 1xBet app, you have access to the firm’s full range of services: from lavish promos to the ability to reach the support agents at any time, to legal payment tools (including crypto-currencies) for incoming and outgoing transactions. 

How to Grab the 1xBet APK for Android? 

Before proceeding to fetch the Android modification of the 1xBet mobile client, make sure that your gadget’s operating system is at least 5.1. You will also need to free up 53.3 MB in its storage and activate the setting that allows the phone to grab the software from third-party resources. 

Once you have completed the above steps, proceed to the 1xBet platform and open the mobile software page. Press the Android logo to start the APK download process. You must then unzip this file and wait for the installation process to finish. Then delete the APK so that it doesn’t take up space in the gadget’s storage and launch the app utilizing the quick start icon. 

How to Get the iOS Modification of 1xBet App? 

If you have an iOS gadget and want to enjoy 1xBet’s paid services on the go, make sure that the phone’s operating system is at least 12.0, and that 481.9 MB are free in its storage. Then go to the firm’s platform employing a browser. Open the mobile software page and hit the Apple logo. Let the system start pumping and installing the app. This should take no more than a few mins. You will know that the procedure has been effectively completed when the 1xBet logo appears on your phone’s start-up screen. Thanks to it, you can launch the app whenever you want. 

Algorithm of Upgrading the 1xBet App 

We strongly recommend that our Ivorian readers utilize the latest version of 1xBet app to avoid crashes and lags affecting your gaming experience. When the firm releases the update, you will receive a notification about it. Here’s what you need to do next: 

  1. Click on the notification;
  2. Allow the system to replace the old files with the fresh ones;
  3. Wait for the process to finish and restart the application. 

You can also activate the automatic upgrade option in the software settings. 

Mechanism of Deletion of the 1xBet Mobile Client 

If, for whatever reason (you want to take a break from staking and gambling or you’re buying a new phone), you decide to delete the 1xBet application, it won’t be difficult to carry out this action. To do so, long press on the software logo to open the options. Find and click on the command to delete the mobile client, and confirm your intentions. In just a few secs, the operation will be complete. 

If, in the future, you wish to utilize the software again by reinstalling it, you will not need to re-register. Indicate relevant data to access your existing member area. 

Ivorian Punters Ask 

1xBet App – Can I Use It Without Money? 

Yes and no. Pumping, installing and using the app itself is free. But, it won’t do you any good if you don’t create a member area and recharge the balance. If you don’t meet these mandatory conditions, you won’t be able to make stakes and enjoy the games, claiming large winnings. 

Is It Safe to Download 1xBet? 

Yes, because this software belongs to a respected brand with a superb reputation. 1xBet complies with the legislation of the Ivory Coast, and its software has been created utilizing modern technology and taking care to eliminate the likelihood of vulnerabilities. If you pump a mobile client from the company’s website and don’t search for it on third-party platforms, you have nothing to worry about. If you install the app not from the official portal of the operator, you will face the risks that fraudsters will steal your sensitive data and funds, or infect your gadget with viruses. 

Can I Play Aviator with 1xBet Application? 

Of course, you can! The 1xBet compilation of amusements contains hundreds of games of various genres. Among them is Aviator, the progenitor of the crash game genre. Ivorian punters will be able to enjoy this title in both the demo modification and the paid version.