Soccer betting in India: what is it?

Soccer betting in India: what is it?

Soccer is very popular because it is an ideal solution to profit when considered as a sport for betting on sports. Bookmaking companies provide numerous facilities and advantages. In them, you can bet on any outcome, getting, respectively, ample opportunities for personal financial development. And that is why it is worthwhile to study the details carefully so that you don’t run into problems. Since gambling has its own certain details. Regardless of which bookmaker’s company the betting will be made, the bettor shall have to learn how to do analysis based on statistics in order to win. Wagering is not based only on internal feelings of what is the best bet on soccer. Experienced bettors do not advise wagering on games of teams from lower or exotic leagues. Statistics on such matches are not always kept correctly. And because of the rotation in the lineup, an unknown priority for the game, it is easy to make a mistake in the forecast.

Types of bets on soccer

As in other sports, like cricket, there are many varieties. This allows the bettor to make a choice. After all, the more options the more interesting it is to bet:

  • Outcome;
  • Double chance;
  • Total;
  • Time match;
  • Express;
  • Handicap.

Before choosing a bookmaker company you should analyze the opportunities it offers. All the main types of soccer bets in the line are explained below. You only have to study them all. Also, some bookmakers, like Betway, offer bettors unique outcomes. Which are tailored to a particular match. You can see them when you click on the sporting event on which you want to bet. Below you may read a more detailed description of each type.


This type is one of the oldest in sports betting. It can be a victory of 1 of the athletes (teams) or a draw. All experts recommend beginner bettors to start with this type of betting. This is easy enough to calculate, the only exceptions are in case of cancellation of the match. With such an outcome, bettors get the so-called “expense” – the return of a sports bet at odds of “1.00”.

Double chance

For betting enthusiasts who are cautious about it, sports wagering “double chance” is an ideal choice for their first steps in a bookmaker’s company. The bettor thus overlaps two possible outcomes out of three in a sporting event. Here you can choose one of the options. In any case, it will be a victory for 1 of the teams or a draw. 


More popular among customers of bookmaker companies and professional players are bets on the number of goals, points or minutes of each match. They are summarized by the name total. In practice, there are two types of totals:

  • European – values of 1.5; 2.5; 37.5, etc;
  • Asian – 1; 5; 22, i.e. whole numbers.

Wagers on totals are often used in popular betting strategies. For example, in catch-up (doubling amount after a loss). For such a strategy, the initial game deposit of the bettor is of great importance. Experienced players use a guessing calculator to find the best option for the first bet.

Time match

This means that the player wagers on the outcome of the first 45 minutes and the meeting at the same time. Such bets are denoted, for example, P1/X. To win it is necessary for the home team to win in the first half of the game, and the game ends in a draw. There are a number of variants of this bet. You should study them all and then only make this kind of wager. The main advantage of this option is the high odds. This is due to the fact that it is difficult to guess the outcome of both the first and the second half.


If you wager on a single event, it is called a single bet. In this case, you only need to make a prediction on one event. However, there are also so-called multi bets. One of the types of such wagers is the express. It allows you to collect bets on several events (from 2 to 20) and thus get significant odds in case of victory. It is worth remembering that in a Parlay all events must play. If at least one event loses, all others lose as well.


Very often there are duels where one team has a huge advantage over the other, just superior in class. In such situations, a bet on the victory of the favorite will be very promising. But also the bookmaker in his line reflects this advantage. He puts too low odds on the stronger team. It is for such situations, and provides betting on a forum. Simply put it is the advantage of one of the teams, which the bookmaker expresses a number. Handicaps can be hard or soft, it all depends on the player’s choice. A positive is always provided for the outsider, and a negative handicap for the favorite. 

How to perform an analysis?

How to perform an analysis?

Before you make a bet, analyze the match. Here is what affects the result of the game:


A team is made strong by its players. If the key lineup is injured or disqualified, it will be more difficult for it to score a goal or defend the goal;


This is the name given to the results of past matches. It is believed that if the team wins a lot lately, then it has reached its peak form and therefore plays effectively;


In some matches, winning is especially important. For example, if the team occupies the last place in the league standings and risks being relegated at the end of the season. Players will try very hard to win in such a match;


The home team is supported by the fans. The guests find themselves in a foreign city, the players go to the stadium to the whistle of the opposing fans;


Some of them do not spare yellow and red cards for violations. If a match is officiated by such a referee, and you are betting on a team with a tough style of play, your club may often be awarded penalty kicks and players may be suspended from the field;


If a team has a tough match in the European competition on Thursday and the regular league game is scheduled for Saturday, players will not have time to rest and gain strength. Moreover, the coaches may have to field a second lineup to allow the main team members to recover;


In rain and snow it is more difficult to maintain a high tempo of the game, handle the ball and penetrate into the opponents’ penalty area. Matches with bad weather conditions are usually not goal rich.

If you analyze all these points, you can make the right choice. These criteria will help you make a bet on soccer as profitable as possible. Do not give in to emotions. Even if your favorite team is playing, you should choose your bet responsibly.

What are the criteria for choosing a bookmaker for betting on soccer?

Much of the success of your bets depends on the bookmaker company. Therefore, it is very important to choose a good one. There are nuances that are important here:

  • Safety. Trust only legal bookmakers, which are guaranteed to pay out winnings to customers;
  • The presence of the required markets in the spreadsheet. If you want to bet, for example, on fouls, outs, goal kicks and other statistical markers, it is important that they are represented in the bookmaker;
  • Moderate Margin. Profits at the distance often depend on the level of odds;
  • Maximums for certain types of bets. This criterion is important for strategies that involve smolmarkets.

If you take into account all these points when choosing a bookmaker, your bets will be as effective as possible. And consequently there shall be no problems with the withdrawal of your winnings.

How to bet on soccer?

How to bet on soccer?

Once you have a complete explanation of all the basic types of soccer bets you can proceed with your first wager. But also do not forget that initially you also need to learn all the features of the teams. Only in this way can you count on profitability, rationality, practicality and other important features. In addition, you may consult with experts in their field in order to understand the details. As well as not to encounter difficulties in the future. And that is why it is important to properly consider all the main details and properties to avoid inconvenience. Below you will learn about the basic steps as well as how to bet on soccer:

  1. The first thing you shall need is to choose a bookmaker company, if you have not already done so; 
  2. Then log in to its official website and go through the registration process. But if you already have an account with the bookmaker company, just log in;
  3. Next, in the sports betting section, select soccer;
  4. The entire line of the bookmaker will open in front of you. If you have chosen a good company, there shall be quite a few options;
  5. Here you need to decide what option you want to bet and on which match;
  6. You can read the odds and choose the amount;
  7. Send the bet.

You will be able to find it almost immediately in history. After that you only have to wait for the end of the match. Your bet will play and you can get your winnings.